Monday, June 29, 2009

Downtown Crossing Artfridays, Attleboro Expo for the Senses and Boston Open Market, June 26, 27 + 28

I just finished another 3 days back to back in 3 different locations and I’m ready to drop!
The weather has been challenging and unpredictable, and I was caught in 2 of those “scattered showers” the weather folks keep talking about. On Friday, Saya, the fabulous handbag designer of Saya Studio, and I were at Artfridays in downtown crossing. We had front row seats to the world karaoke contest from 12 to 2pm which took place about 30 feet from our tent and as soon as they announced the winners, it started to rain and the wind picked up causing a neighbor’s display to fall over. So we decided to pack up and call it a day. (sorry to anyone who stopped by who missed us... like my pal kenny) Of course, an hour later the sun was out and the skies were blue, and we were disappointed that we didn’t wait out the weather. However I can’t really complain about our alternate plan which was to nibble on some hummus & pita while sipping a chilled cocktail at the outdoor patio at the Red Fez on Washington Street…
On Saturday, I was off to Attleboro for the Expo for the Senses sponsored by the Attleboro Art Museum. I had a great day and the staff and volunteers for the event were phenomenal! Plus the weather was nice all day until about 5pm.. that’s when the threatening clouds finally burst open and completely soaked EVERYTHING. not. fun.
Finally, on Sunday, I shared a tent once again with Saya in Boston’s south end for the Open Market on Harrison Avenue. It was overcast and a little chilly (for the end of JUNE!!) but the rain never came…thank goodness! Friends Justin and Michael kept us company for a bit and we even spotted actor John Krazinski who plays Jim on The Office walking through the market. I ended the day and the long weekend with some delish food and drink at Gaslight at 560 Harrison Avenue. There were lots of fabulous vendors at all three events but I won’t mention anyone today because my brain is mush and needs some rest… la la la...

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