Monday, June 29, 2009

Downtown Crossing Artfridays, Attleboro Expo for the Senses and Boston Open Market, June 26, 27 + 28

I just finished another 3 days back to back in 3 different locations and I’m ready to drop!
The weather has been challenging and unpredictable, and I was caught in 2 of those “scattered showers” the weather folks keep talking about. On Friday, Saya, the fabulous handbag designer of Saya Studio, and I were at Artfridays in downtown crossing. We had front row seats to the world karaoke contest from 12 to 2pm which took place about 30 feet from our tent and as soon as they announced the winners, it started to rain and the wind picked up causing a neighbor’s display to fall over. So we decided to pack up and call it a day. (sorry to anyone who stopped by who missed us... like my pal kenny) Of course, an hour later the sun was out and the skies were blue, and we were disappointed that we didn’t wait out the weather. However I can’t really complain about our alternate plan which was to nibble on some hummus & pita while sipping a chilled cocktail at the outdoor patio at the Red Fez on Washington Street…
On Saturday, I was off to Attleboro for the Expo for the Senses sponsored by the Attleboro Art Museum. I had a great day and the staff and volunteers for the event were phenomenal! Plus the weather was nice all day until about 5pm.. that’s when the threatening clouds finally burst open and completely soaked EVERYTHING. not. fun.
Finally, on Sunday, I shared a tent once again with Saya in Boston’s south end for the Open Market on Harrison Avenue. It was overcast and a little chilly (for the end of JUNE!!) but the rain never came…thank goodness! Friends Justin and Michael kept us company for a bit and we even spotted actor John Krazinski who plays Jim on The Office walking through the market. I ended the day and the long weekend with some delish food and drink at Gaslight at 560 Harrison Avenue. There were lots of fabulous vendors at all three events but I won’t mention anyone today because my brain is mush and needs some rest… la la la...

Monday, June 22, 2009

54th South Shore Art Festival - June 19, 20 + 21

This past weekend, we all dodged raindrops on Friday and Sunday at the Cohasset Common for the 54th annual South Shore Art Festival, but we lucked out on Saturday as it turned out to be a beautiful day. And from 10am to 7pm, we had a constant stream of people and activity. I had lots of fun meeting new friends including Edie from Stoughton and Patty from Hull, as well as running into some old ones.. and that means you Miss Danni! It was a pleasure chatting with everyone who stopped by my tent and I thank you all for your purchases.
And as the wind picked up on Sunday at around 5pm, it was time to call it a day. But before things came to a complete end, we got a good laugh when Eva from Cohasset, myself and my dad were all searching through the grass (and several bags) for a missing earring only to realize that Eva had it in her ear the entire time.. oh my STARS!!
In addition to showing my paintings and glass items under my own tent, I had one painting (above) titled "The Couple" hanging in the South Shore Art Center Members' Exhibit under the big tent. After a longgggg weekend, I was so excited to find out at the end of the day on Sunday that the painting had been sold. Yay!

There were 90 vendors in Cohasset, so many talented artists… here are 3 I’d like to highlight:
Kathy of K Dichter Designs creates amazing belt buckles and hand-finished belts. Each one is different, unique, stylish and expressive so you are sure to find one, if not ten, that suits your personality and makes you stand out from the crowd. They are fun, colorful and full of personality, just like their designer! Each piece she creates captures her energy and spirit. basically she rules! and she's my new BFF!Bringing you beautiful driftwood furniture and other fun decorative items are Catherine and Rob of By the Sea Driftwood Company located in Orleans, Cape Cod. You can feel the warmth of the Cape and the ocean in each of their one-of-a kind pieces. I just wanted to curl up with a cozy blanket and hang out in their tent. It was peaceful and beautiful. I’d also like to thank Rob for helping me set up my tent in the rain on Friday. What fun assembling a difficult structure while soaked!! beautiful stuff and the nicest people you’ll ever meet!! If you’re heading down the cape, stop in to their studio & gallery.
Turning her addiction to crocheting beads into a business was clearly the right move!! And Andrea of A. Garr Creation who creates hand crocheted jewelry with sterling, pearls, crystals and unique beads from around the world brings a new kind of gallery to Boston’s south end by featuring bead and fiber artwork, bead and fiber supplies, and classes at her new gallery called BEAD + FIBER.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boston ArtFridays, Providence Open Market and Cambridge DesignHive June 5, 6 + 7

Well... it was a busy weekend to say the least. And though it was a lot of work to set up in 3 cities back to back, things went smoothly. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and made purchases. I hope you enjoy your new goodies! On Friday at Downtown Crossing's Boston ArtFridays and Saturday at Providence Open Market, I shared a tent with Saya Cullinan (above left), the creative genius behind Saya Studio, and it was a huge plus for me because she is great company AND she designs beautiful, one of a kind handbags in her Boston-based studio. Check out her bags. They are fabulous! On Sunday June 7th, I was back at DesignHive in Cambridge and though the crowd was a little light (probably because the weather was gorgeous!!) , they were enthusiastic and I heard again and again that it's a fantastic group of participating designers. So as DesignHive breaks for the summer, don’t fret. Things will begin buzzing again in September so definitely keep it in mind as a shopping destination for the holiday season. I'll be there on September 13, November 1 and December 6.Last but certainly not least, my neighbor Jessi Cardello Welch, designer of Cheap Date Jewelry, caught my eye with her company slogan "good looking, cheap and fun, just the way you like it", her vintage inspired jewels and upcycled guitar string earrings (below). What a clever idea and way to go green! Rock on!
See you next at the South Shore Art Center's 54th Art Festival on June 19, 20 + 21....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cape Cod Life Magazine & Providence Open Market May 30th

On Saturday May 30th, I spent the day under a tent on the east side of Providence at the Open Market in Lippitt Park. It was an exciting day all around and I was so happy the weather was cooperating after a solid week of rain. p.s. I’d like to thank my talented and beautiful friend Ella of The Pebble Collection for her help in setting up my tent. In addition to meeting lots of great people including the Dills from NY and Andrea from Providence who shares my obsession with everything green, I also got to experience serendipity first hand when my dad who grew up around the corner from the market’s location (and hasn’t been back in the old hood in about 50 years) went to the local coffee shop and started a conversation with a random gal sitting outside the shop. As fate would have it, she just so happens to rent the very apartment in the house in which my dad grew up! And she offered him the opportunity to check it out and see his old house firsthand…and, of course, he did!
After that excitement and the joy of breaking down the tent, tables, boxes and then driving an hour to get home, nothing takes away the fatigue like seeing your name and artwork in color in a glossy magazine! So be sure to pick up the special 2009 arts edition of the Cape Cod Life Magazine, Art of the Cape & Islands 2009, a high-end, coffee table-style magazine created to showcase the talents of the Cape’s world-famous artistic community. The magazine will be featured nationwide at Barnes & Noble Bookstores and I’m honored to be a part of it.