Monday, July 27, 2009

Mashpee Market- July 24th and my new nephew, Ross - July 25th!

Even though I woke up to heavy rain and a dark, overcast sky, I trudged on, hoping that the weather forecast was, in fact, correct and that we’d actually have better conditions as the hours passed. And yes, fortunately, more mild weather was moving in by the time I arrived in Mashpee around 7:30am to start setting up for the Open Market . However, there were several times throughout the day that many of us had to grab our tents and pray nothing would blow up, up and away. It was drizzly and super windy at times and kind of a quiet most of the day so I had plenty of time to chat with my talented neighbor Kim Barry of Clay Trout Pottery. Her studio is located in Mattapoisett, MA and her pottery pieces are beautiful (the tiny 2" x 2" tiles are my favorite!!). You can easily purchase any number of items (and even personalize them) for yourself or as fabulous gifts. Check her out!All the while chatting with Kim, I was anxiously waiting to hear any news about my sister and the arrival of her new baby… would it be another girl or the family’s first boy? I left the show without an answer but early the next morning, I got the call. And guess what, it’s a BOY! And his name is Ross Samuel and he is wicked cute!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pittsfield Art Show July 18+19, great press and an award!

Before I left for Pittsfield on Friday, July 17th, I got a call from the South Shore Art Center in Cohasset, MA and they informed me that my painting “Reading Time With Spot” (above) had received an Honorable Mention in the Blue Ribbon Members Exhibit (July 17-August 30). Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the opening reception that evening since I was on my way to the Berkshires and can’t be in two places at once. yet... but I understand from those that did attend the opening that the dog put the juror over the edge... I'm so glad someone appreciates my sense of humor ;) So after a quick 3 hour drive, I spent the weekend in western Mass for the 5th annual Pittsfield Art Show, adjacent to the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts. I was concerned throughout week that the weather wouldn’t cooperate but as it turned out, the weather was beautiful and it was perfect for being outside… not too hot, a nice breeze and no humidity! finally! Saturday went smoothly and there was a nice steady crowd all day. After packing up for the day, I went to dinner with Kathy (of K Dichter Designs) and her super friend Nancy who helps her out at shows. Somehow we managed to figure out what to order and then eat even though we were all wiped out and drained from the long day. After carb loading and a mediocre cocktail at a place not worth mentioning, I headed back to the Travelodge for a night of stale air, broken toilet seat and cigarette burned sheets (ew! I definitely don’t recommend).
But all was well when I returned to the show Sunday morning and found out that my photo was featured in The Berkshire Eagle. Thank you photographer Caroline Bonnivier! Awesome! Throughout the weekend I met some great people including my neighbors from Connecticut Ray and Ruth Laliberte, woodcrafter and jeweler who were great company and help throughout the weekend, along with local artisans (to the Berkshires) Angela Dimock, photographer, and Jill Balawender of Cheshire Glassworks. If you’re in the area, look them up and check out their work! And as far as enjoying the environs after the show, I wish I’d run into Anne and Steve of Berkshires Now prior to Sunday afternoon because their website is all about where to eat and play in Western Massachusetts. Their video clips and photos from inside restaurants are helpful and entertaining!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mashpee Open Market, July 10th

Well, we in the Boston area all experienced what we’ve been sorely lacking lately, you know, a clear blue sky, lots of sun, no humidity, high 70’s… you get the picture. But sometimes, it’s hard to get a good crowd at an outdoor show if the weather is too nice (especially after so much crappy weather). So when the sun finally did make an appearance last Friday, I think most people in the Cape area were at the beach. And frankly, I don’t blame them! That’s exactly where I would’ve been if I wasn’t at the Mashpee Open Market. The open market is overflowing with talented artists and designers and it's held every Friday from 10am to 4pm at the Mashpee Commons which is a quaint shopping area with 90 stores and a bunch of nice restaurants. For nibbles and cocktails, I was told Bleu , a french bistro, is fantastic, but after the long day, I went with the more casual option and shared a drink, stories and lots of laughs on the outdoor patio at Bobby Byrne’s Pub with fellow artist, Melanie LaMountain. Her photographs are beautiful and ethereal and in addition to having an eye for great composition, she’s also a real sweetheart, so check out her site and get in touch with her if you need a photographer for any reason including special occasions, events or portraiture.Another thing to check out is M.Brann & Co, a fabulous store in Mashpee Commons that has a tremendous variety of beautiful and unique handcrafted items and accents for the home.

Some photos from Friday...Deborah of DLR Designs , handcrafted jewelry made with gems, pearls, glass and precious metals from around the globe (above) and Sue of Sue B. Do , a full product line of items inspired by the beauty, fun and character of the Cape (below):

Lastly, I’m working on some new pieces and here’s one that’s fresh from the studio. It reminds me of sculptures I was making in 1990-92 while an art student at Brandeis. Ah, the good old days… I’m happy to be sculpting again! And if you're interested, more items like this will be available in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes to purchase in the coming weeks...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Newton Open Market July 4th

With neighboring tents blowing up, up and away, (seriously people… you need to secure your tents!!), I was happy that my little canopy stayed put on the ground and no glass items or paintings went flying. Plus I was thrilled that for the first time in weeks, I could enjoy the day, talking, schmoozing and selling without participating in a wet t-shirt contest.
Albemarle Park in Newton was filled with families enjoying the nice weather, amusement rides, open air market and its 20th year of July 4th festivities. For reasons unbeknownst to me, instead of having artist/designer neighbors, I was sandwiched between two groups of Newton political campaigners. Since many people like to wander through an open market without being approached or bothered (myself included), I thought this was an odd addition to an open art market. And while the campaigners might have scared off a few potential visitors, I still had a fair share… but maybe next year, the event organizers will put the political groups in separate location, far, far away (hint, hint).
Off to the studio to make more goodies… oh wait, is that a ring I see? Why yes, it is a ring, with a gunmetal patina finish and some lovely rose quartz! made by yours truly. Every week, there’s something new!! So stay tuned…