Monday, September 26, 2011

Hard River to Row

It's been another strange week of mixed emotions, but once again, putting my thoughts down on paper has proven to be a helpful practice. So the writing continues and when I stumble onto good things like new artists and places to visit, then documenting these discoveries and sharing them is hopefully worthwhile. Especially since this past week, I made some great new discoveries.
Going to the Red Sox game with Louisa is fun even when they lose and we're surrounded by joyless, rowdy drunks.
Looking up from bumper to bumper traffic to see this scene is, well, peaceful and inspiring... so ya, put a bird on it.
I like Newport, RI.  I like the sound of the cars rumbling by on the cobblestone streets.  I like walking around and visiting the shops and galleries.  I like being by the water.  I'm glad I came back solo though it was bittersweet.  And I will return again.  
Taking a moment to chat with the girls and enjoy the peaceful view before the start of the Newport Arts Festival.
Bonding with my neighbors in Jessica Pisano's (right) fine art booth with her nature inspired paintings. Oh, and not surprisingly, she received the "Best in Show" award. 
NatanyaElka's eco-friendly, one of a kind enamel jewelry...
And Nautical Boards handcrafted locally in Pembroke, MA.
And being captivated by the bluesy, soulful, funk/rock sounds of the Delta Generators.  I can't wait to hear more of Craig Rawding's rich, velvety voice.
And hello... beautiful sunset.
And twinkling, ambient atmosphere at Diegos
And my good fortune to wake up to this Pisano painting with its gold glimmering in the sunlight.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall is upon us...

Nothing like a weekend filled with good weather, wonderful crafty friends, supportive art enthusiasts and a brand new EZ UP tent to make your spirit soar. I spent a beautiful Saturday in Hopkinton at the Polyarts Festival with some familiar faces including My Urban Kitchen, iDazz, Little Man and Lucky Bird Studio.. and some new friends including Tiffany and Melanie from Look at Me Designs. They have a fabulous collection of clothing and accessories that make a statement and are truly unique.  And as an added bonus, all pieces are made with recycled felted wool sweaters. You can find them at the SoWa Open Market or the upcoming Wellfleet Oysterfest (I'll be there too!) on October 15 + 16:
After a long day, it was nice to stumble into the cozy Zio’s Bistro in Hopkinton Center for a quick bite and glass of wine before heading home.  And then before I knew it, I was up bright and early on Sunday morning to meet Heather and Kerry from Twigs & Heather to get ready for Worcester’s StART on the Street.
It was a great event with several hundred exhibitors and I always love being part of such a festive day. I ran into some fellow crafters including Red Staggerwing Designs, Ansel Blue Design and Guilday Glass... and I’d like to thank the gentleman who stopped by my booth near the end of the day to let me know that the sign hanging on my tablecloth was backwards, yet again, (oops).  And most importantly, to all the wonderful customers who expressed interest in my work and made purchases, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Up next, I'm returning to Newport, RI (September 24 + 25) for the rescheduled dates of the Newport Art Festival.   I'll be in section 10, booth C - it's the second tent on the pier.  Wish me luck... it shall be an adventure.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mid-September already!!

So I promised myself I would keep up this blog, even if I encounter some bumps in the road. And needless to say, this particular week has been very bumpy. So I’m trying to stay focused and positive and continue my creative routine and ritual of documenting what’s gone on. So here goes:
My booth partially set up in Cotuit, MA on Aug. 20
The Newport Arts Festival was postponed due to Hurricane Irene. 
As a treat, I decided to go anyway and spend the day in Newport… and it was a great day.
Nothing beats a $5 martini.  Or good company.
Or a beautiful sunset when you need it.
Or a crafty friend smiling at you - thanks Heather (Codman Estate Show in Lincoln, MA).
I'm looking forward to a busy fall season starting with shows in Hopkinton, Worcester and Newport. Click here for the show schedule.  Also, Save the Date: Wednesday, October 5th from 6-8pm in Hanover, MA. My mom and I will have paintings on display at the John Curtis Free Library for the month of October.