Monday, May 18, 2009

SoWa Artwalk - May 16 & 17

It was a busy & exciting weekend at SoWa Artwalk opening weekend. And the best part was that I got to share a space with my mom, Dassie Abelson, painter extraordinaire! She's been painting "en plein air" for over 30 years and recently switched her medium from watercolor to acrylic paint. The photo below shows 6 of her newest paintings of Boston and Hull scenery:Also, a HUGE thank you to my dad for helping load/unload all the stuff, shmoozing with visitors, moving my car when I was informed it would be towed (yikes!) and, of course, the support and love. You are awesome! Here are some pics from the weekend.
Cutest Visitor Award (looking like a young Natalie Portman)!! and she's even wearing one of my new 2-sided pendant necklace designs!

Monday, May 4, 2009

DesignHive - Sunday, May 3rd

There was a lot of activity in Boston & Cambridge on Sunday and it turned out to be a nice day. So nice out that my mom Dassie and her painting pal Rosalind Farbush hit the streets to paint en plein air on Mass Ave in Cambridge. And before heading home, they stopped in to the DesignHive to say hello and pointed out that I had some new items they hadn’t seen before including jewelry boxes, mermaids, coaster sets and night lights. Yes, very observant! I AM adding more and more things to the collection every week so keep checking back... On another note, I’d like to thank the two angels who descended upon DH at closing time and kept me company while I wrapped up each and every item… AND then helped me by carrying everything upstairs to my car. Seriously amazing!! Thank you Donna and Sue! And while I’m thanking people, I’d also like to take a moment to thank… my old car, a 2000 white Toyota echo that was recently retired to the junk yard (after failing inspection 3 times!) and after many years of dependable driving and let’s be honest, schlepping myself and my stuff for miles and miles and miles. I can’t tell you how many times I rolled a cart full of 2’ x 4’s, wood and other lumber supplies out of Lowes or Home Depot to my ‘lil car into a sea of SUVs and pick-up trucks, and yet, somehow managed to fit EVERYTHING in that tiny clown car. There were a few rides home where I couldn’t see or move but it got the job done… so thank you my little echo. You were great and will be missed! sort of… So onto my neighbors at DesignHive… first, let me introduce the lovely Hannah Lavon and Ashley Connors... they are the young, vivacious and funny (and fun) ladies behind Hooray Hoopla. Warning, a sense of humor is absolutely required when viewing, handling and purchasing items from their spirited, funky gift collection. Check out their cards, posters, accessories, toys, and items you never knew you needed!Bringing her whirlwind energy, creative vision and unique style to vintage bags, shoes, shirts and too many other things to list is Ms. Nicoletta Lyons, designer and stylist behind Lola’s Urban Vintage. Her work is truly unique and draws from a variety of influences including vintage glamour and urban edge. You can put together a complete, one of a kind look from head to toe at this one-stop shop! Or find something fabulous to hang on your wall and appreciate daily.

Until next time, I'd like to say an early happy birthday to my sister Laurie and a happy Mothers Day to my mom and sis, and all the other moms out there busting their butts. Next show for Dasken Designs is SoWa ArtWalk Opening Weekend, May 16th and 17th (560 Harrison Avenue) in Boston's south end. So if you need something special for mom or anyone else, stop by the show OR send me an email or shop online. Thanks for stopping by!