Monday, February 21, 2011

Fish for the Arts

I was recently invited to participate in an event called Fish for the Arts sponsored by the Cultural Center of Cape Cod.  If you're familiar with the outdoor exhibit from a few years back involving Cows that were painted/decorated by various artists and then auctioned off for charity, this is a similar concept.  With Fish For the Arts, my challenge is to take a 3 foot fish and transform it using the medium of my choice.  
After weeks of tripping over the enormous box containing the fish, I finally broke down and opened it.  It was shocking to discover that inside the box was, in fact, not just a wooden cutout of a fish but a highly detailed, 3-D, painted replica, glass eye included, of a fish (forgive me for not knowing the exact kind).  So I rested fishie on the countertop and let him reside there for a few days while I tried to figure out what the hell to do with him.  The possibilities being endless (and overwhelming) coupled with my need to do something other than cut glass and solder, my brain was in overdrive and totally inspired. It was the perfect time to take on the "fish" challenge and since he's not officially due until June, for once, I'm not procrastinating.  
My goal: To do something different and transformational but also connected to my style and work as a painter and stained glass artist.  I'm not exactly sure when the idea hit me, but I decided to take inspiration from my stained glass projects and go from there.  So without over thinking things, I chose a simple palette of blue and green (and copper for the fins).. and I just attacked that fish!  As a finishing touch, I replaced the awful glass eye with one of my aqua pendants.  Et voila! Here is the new Fishie ready for Fish For the Arts!
(click on image to see larger view)
The FISH will be on display at various locations throughout the Cape.. details to follow.

Monday, February 14, 2011

February Finds

After the last few snow-filled weeks, it was fantastic to get out and spend the day with 80 of my closest crafty pals at the Cabin Fever Craft show in Boston.  My immediate neighbors were fabulous and multi-talented:

New Moon Studio - Colorful, modern ceramics
BG2770design - Husband and wife team designing up a storm

Surrounded by all these lovely things, overwhelmed by the creative energy in the room and not be able to sit still (think shpilkes), I lost complete control and went home with some very awesome things.
HEART bookmark by AG Ambroult now nestled comfortably in my current read “Something Red” by the talented and beautiful Jennifer Gilmore.  And, ok, I admit it, I may have also purchased a pair of AG Ambroult Circus Circle earrings.
This pottery created by Hijacked Ceramics somehow found its way onto my desk (what the??)... and I won't  even mention the gorgeous wooden wall plaque that's now hanging in my living room.  
Anyhoo, on a somewhat unrelated note, I came across this foldable, wooden shelf (which also has wheels!!) on recent trip to my local antique shop.  So yesterday, I finally got to use this super duper, functional, easily transportable creation.  Now I just need to work on keeping it tidy.

There were many other fabulous exhibitors at Cabin Fever and you can find them all here.  Happy Valentine's Day to you! Hugs xoxo

If you're interested in any of the heart creations above, just holler.