Monday, December 6, 2010

Early December Update

Another fantastic weekend spent in Norwell and Newton.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wow, I’m a little overwhelmed.  As usual I get such great ideas when talking to people at shows and I just can’t wait to get back to the studio and create new designs. But first, I’ll take a deep breath and reflect on this weekend’s wonderfulness. 
For the record, I'm totally in LOVE with this building.
and I LOVE showing in this room at the James Library.
Heading back to Norwell where I grew up and exhibiting in the James Library is pretty darn neat.  Especially since I was next to Marla from Back Porch Soap Company (formerly in Plymouth, my current hometown) now in Duxbury.  On a rare occasion you encounter someone and can finish each other’s sentences within about 30 seconds of meeting.  Luckily she is one of those special few... so in addition to a great day with lots of visitors (including some old friends I haven’t seen in years!!), I met a new crafty friend and enjoyed the wafting scents of her yummy soaps and cosmetics! Oh, one more thing, if you're interested in learning how to make your own soap, Marla teaches classes!
A customer enjoying the offerings of Back Porch Soap Company

Then onto Newton where I had the pleasure of being adjacent to yet another window (natural light is awesome) and Sherit from Tiresh.  As a graduate of RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), she puts her painting skills to work and brings them to life on wearable fabrics including scarves, hats, capes, skirts, and newest to her line, pins and barrettes!   
I got to top off the weekend by celebrating a friend’s birthday at the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown.  I was LOVING the d├ęcor as well as the menu (huge) and couldn’t get over the fact that the birthday girl enjoyed mac n cheese with a side of bacon while I was eating tofu + quinoa as not many places offer such a wide variety of options!  Highly recommend! A great way to end a fabulous weekend in December. 
Diners rule (this photo does not).
Happy Birthday to a very awesome lady!

Next and FINAL stop on the 2010 show train, ready or not, here I come!
December 11 + 12
Show Hours:
Saturday 10-5 / Sunday 10-4
11th Annual New England
Holiday Craft Festival
Rockingham Park Racetrack
79 Rockingham Park Blvd
Salem, NH

Monday, November 29, 2010

hingham + holiday = hooray!

Although I was a wee bit cold, I had a fantastic weekend at the holiday shipyard show and became aware of a whole new development in Hingham that I didn't even know existed! Wow. The area is just full of potential for shopping, relaxing and dining.  Tons of free parking, beautiful water views and numerous restaurants including Alma Nove,  Hingham Beer Works and Typhoon Asian Bistro  to name a few. And for some cool design and artsy stuff, there’s BG Galleries, a humongous showroom of antique, vintage and modern design, and across the street, the newly opened satellite location for the South Shore Art Center.  Both were closed by the time I was done packing up for the weekend so I’ll have to make a trip over there soon to do some more exploring.
Ok, so back to the actual SHOW.  Thank you to everyone who came out in droves to attend and make purchases at this first time event, especially my local pals from the south shore.  It was great to see you all and I appreciate the support!  Once again I lucked out with neighbors.  I’ve seen Big Skinny the Cambridge-based creators of the world’s thinnest wallets at several shows but this was the first time I was next to them.  And my other talented neighbor Rachel of Malagueta traveled all the way from Philadelphia to bring her beautiful clothing and handbags to the Boston area.  I think she should come back to Boston often!  
Um, so I kinda splurged a bit and did some shopping of my own.....

Some fabulous frames from Mean & Wroughten (I can’t resist a pair of old red scissors with chipped paint welded to a frame.. I just can’t), a set of gorgeous pillows from Red Staggerwing Designs (hello yummy color combos and beautiful craftsmanship!) and lastly, a most awesome cabinet by John Warren Designs (as soon as I saw it, I stopped in my tracks and was like.. omg, I have to have that!).  But I had to stop myself there for the tent was brimming with so many amazing temptations… 
 Mean & Wroughten frame (without a photo)
Red Staggerwing pillows, my bed never looked so good.
Oh, and a final shout out to Cindy from Letter C Design for also making the trip to Hingham from Connecticut. The designs and paper goods from her studio are just awesome!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Display Ideas, etc.

Just finished a show at the Duxbury high school and it was pretty sweet.  I have to say I was a little surprised at the condition of the girl's bathrooms (ew...gross), but aside from that, the show was great.  A huge thank you to organizer Brooke Stanton and her beautiful hand-dyed silk scarf collection. Yay Brooke!
My immediate neighbors and I became quick friends which is always an added bonus when you're planted in one spot for 2 days.  And since the booth spaces were 10x10, I'm always curious to see how others will set up.  I saw some pretty creative displays and here are a few:
First up.. T. Breeze Verdant's marquetry and inlay work.  On each side of his set up, there are 2 hinged doors painted black to display hanging work, leaving the center open for him to interact with customers... there's also a horizontal pole overhead to hold the lighting panel. A clean, crisp look, and a great way to display tabletop and hanging pieces.
Another gorgeous set up by Catherine & Rob from By the Sea Driftwood! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just want to curl up with a blanket and hang out in this space all day. It's inviting, warm, full of charm and brimming with lots of beautiful old stuff that's been repurposed and given new life... they utilize every inch of space on their walls, top to bottom, and leave the middle's very welcoming.  Oh, if you're heading to the Cape, be sure to stop by their studio in Orleans... that's pretty dreamy too..
It's challenging when you have an enormous body of photographic work and you only have so many square feet of wall space.  So in addition to display walls and racks, photographer David Grossman brought (the most enormous monitor I've ever seen) to display his work.  It drew people in and was an effective way to quickly display the range and depth of his subject matter. 
Deirdre's Heart at Work Jewelry is designed to inspire your soul and it's definitely done so to mine.  Her unique wood and painted display cases have had a long show history and you can always spot Deirdre and her delicately displayed pieces as her display stands out from the crowd.  And their compact design is fantastic when it's time to break down and head home, a most important feature for those of us traveling from show to show..
Here is a room shot taken by me standing on a wobbly chair behind my table. yes, ladies and gents, I really do live on the edge.  As you can see if you look closely, some exhibitors used their outdoor tents (without the top) to create their set up.  A little fabric, banner, grid walls, etc. and voila, you have a natural divider and backdrop. I really wish someone (like the event organizer) had mentioned the tent idea as an option for shows I've done in the past.  It would have been so much easier if I'd known that was an option. Of course, it seems so obvious NOW but it wasn't the first thing I thought of.. ad I'm someone who definitely thinks outside the box. lesson learned.

So the next stop on the holiday show train is Hingham!! It's bizarre and wonderful to be exhibiting so close to home/where I grew up and running into people I haven't seen in years (!!!)...and hopefully I'll see a few more familiar faces, so much fun.  So forget those malls (yawn) and head to fun craft shows to buy locally, handmade stuff from really awesome people!

November 27 + 28
I Shipyard Drive - Hingham, MA
10am to 6pm both days
FREE Parking and entry
I'm in BOOTH 70

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ahhhh... Monday

Organizing my week's "To Do" list and it seems overwhelming but somehow it'll all get done.  So before I get to it, here are some photos from TWIST in Northampton, MA.  I was one of the first to arrive for set up (cuz I'm an early bird... and a nerd) so I snapped photos over the 4 hours prior to the opening.  It's amazing to watch a room transform from an empty shell into a magical, energetic place:
 And at 4pm.. it's lights, music,!
I spent Sunday in Pawtucket, RI at CRAFTOPIA and was so fortunate to be surrounded by fabulous, talented friends including Idazz, Weehah!, AG Ambroult, Hilary, Joy in My Studio and Twigs & Heather.  The day went by so quickly and before I knew it, it was time to pack up and head home.
Amy from AG Ambroult & Louisa from Weehah! (above)

Next shows are a bit closer to home:
November 20 + 21
Saturday, November 20, 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday, November 21, 11:00am – 4:00pm
Duxbury High School
130 St. George St., Duxbury MA
I'm in BOOTH 6
($5 general admission)

November 27 + 28
1 Shipyard Drive, Hingham, MA
I'm in BOOTH 70
10am to 6pm both days
FREE admission and parking!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mark Your Calendars for these fabulous upcoming shows!

The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and I'm craving some hot cider and tofu pot pie!  From this point forward, my tent and weights will collect dust while I seek the warmth and shelter of permanent walls and a roof, preferably a non-leaking one. The rest of this year's shows are INSIDE and that means no WIND, no RAIN, no LIGHTNING, no dropping things on parking lot cement (I really dislike the crunch of broken glass on cement), no proximity to inflatable jumpers full of screaming children and then when the fun ends (for them) crying children... you get the picture.
Thank you to everyone who has come out to the recent shows in Walpole, Hanover and Newton. Your energy and enthusiasm motivates me to keep pushing myself in new directions!  October has been fantastic and I look forward to visiting Newburyport, Northampton, Pawtucket and Duxbury in the next few weeks:

Newburyport Fall Festival  62 Boardman Street
October 23 – 9:30am to 3:30pm

Twist - Northampton, MA 17 New South St, November 12 + 13
Craftopia - Pawtucket, RI 1005 Main Street, November 14
DAA Craft Show - Duxbury, MA 130 St. George Street, November 20 + 21
And just in case you didn't believe me about the jumper thingy, here's the photographic evidence. 


Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh JP, how I love thee...

Thank you to everyone who attended this fun-filled weekend!  Many, many thanks to my immediate neighbors, the fabulous & exquisite Amy, AG Ambroult (her metalwork is pictured below) and Louisa, Weehah! for making JP Open Studios a most memorable event.  Also high fives to pals Hilary, Hilary and Helene, Urban Kitchen (sorry, no pics).
Some other wonderful artists showing in JP:
Here's hoping the ENORMOUS bee fascinated with the Weehah! wedding invitation portfolio made it home safely.
 Most entertaining and interestingly dressed individual award goes to the smiling gentleman with a feather in his purple cap.
 BELOW is what happens to a tent without weights in the wind. Click here for info on tent weights if you need them.
Lastly, one must check out Bella Luna Restaurant and Lounge at The Brewery, 284 Amory Street for beverages, delish food and great atmosphere.  I was there Saturday AND Sunday for cocktails and din din... super yum! 
Also, if you're in the Brewery area and looking for that morning caffeine, fresh baked goods or lunch fix, head to Ula Cafe...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another sunny day in Worcester...

With 300 exhibitors, there's a lot to take in at Start on the Street... and the crowds were out on Park Avenue! I didn't get a chance to mix and mingle with other artists except for my fantabulous neighbors Twigs & Heather. (that's Miss Heather in red...)
The day flew by so quickly... lots of great people and interesting questions including my favorite question of the day: "How do you make the candleholder stand on six legs?" After going through a somewhat lengthy, technical explanation, the young lady still had a puzzled look on her face so I asked if she needed more info.. to which she responded "but WHY do you make a candleholder with six legs?"  Ahhh my dear, that question requires a shorter and less technical explanation.  It goes something like this... "Because I'm a little odd".
Next stop on the outdoor show train for Dasken Designs is Jamaica Plain! See you at JP Open Studios, 284 Amory Street on Sept 25 +26 (11am to 6pm both days).  If you're looking for something to do after visiting the many talented artists and you're craving an adult beverage (along with discovering how it's made), you can tour the nearby Sam Adams Brewery... or head to Bella Luna / Milky Way Lounge..