Monday, October 31, 2011

Missing Painting...

The painting (above) called “Footsteps” was a piece I completed earlier this year as part of an invitational group exhibit in Jamaica Plain's UForge Gallery called Defined By Light.  Over the weekend, I went to pick up the paintings from the mother/daughter show on display at the Hanover library only to discover that this piece was missing.  Apparently stolen... FROM A LIBRARY. (?????) Frankly, I’m not sure what else to say about this.  Sigh...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Rekindle the Light Within

I had an amazing summer of discovery and was fortunate to visit many spots I’d never been to before including Watch Hill, RI and Mystic, CT.   And before summer slipped away, I took inspiration from those trips to create a new earring design, something that reflects the awakening of spirit, and the joy of movement, harmony and sound... and this is the story behind Love Loops, the newest item to join my jewelry collection. 
Shifting topics slightly, I spent this past weekend in Wellfleet, MA surrounded by many familiar faces including Twigs + Heather, Heart at Work, Len Shartle, Kimberley Deane Jewelry, Look at Me Designs, Bill Chisolm, Bumble Belly Designs, and Two Son Jewelry. I felt right at home at this incredible festival… and being by the ocean, well that didn’t hurt either.  Plus my new EZUP tent managed to stay intact and in place even with the overnight rain and heavy winds.  And I think my last minute decision to pick up an extra 80lbs (in the form of four 20 lbs containers of cat litter) to hold that tent in place certainly did the trick... 
After setting up the tent in the rain and encroaching darkness on Friday night, I found a warm and inviting spot at Mac's Shack on Commercial Street to sip wine, regroup and try some tempura fried pickles with Ponzu dipping sauce.  Oh yeah... highly recommend...   

Monday, October 3, 2011

October delivers goodness

Letting go to start again has been my mantra this last week. And sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and let it go. Right? So here’s to starting off this new season with some apples and honey, some sweetness and hope, and some gratitude and thanks… oh, and if you’re looking for a movie to add to your viewing list, might I suggest HappyTHANKyouMorePLEASE.
I'll start with a huge thank you to South Shore Living Magazine for spotlighting me and my jewelry in October’s Living Arts Section.
Also, thank you to the John Curtis Free Library in Hanover, MA for providing the Abelson gals with a colorful space to exhibit our mother/daughter show.
Please feel free to attend the opening reception on October 5th from 6-8pm. Or check out the paintings during normal library hours through the end of the month.
Thank you to the Marshfield Chamber of Commerce for putting on a fun Octoberfest.  And thank you to papa for coming to keep me company, bring me wine and snap this photo.
It's great running into friends from the old hood and, of course, it's bound to happen when exhibiting somewhere on the south shore... so what a fun surprise to find Andy and SpitDUDES with their locally inspired t-shirts and beach accessories at the show. Grab your outerwear with local flair...
Thank you to my sweet neighbors from Emmett's Edibles who add a little spice to every dog's life with their organic, gourmet treats.
Next stop... and final outdoor show of the season... October 15 + 16 at the WELLFLEET OYSTERFEST!  Happy... Thank you... More PLEASE!