Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Studio Move Update

So far this month I moved to my new studio in Abington, MA, shipped an order to a store in North Carolina, painted the walls of the new space (see pic below), and exhibited at the first outdoor show of the season.  I’m a little banged up from all the activity and lifting but everything's gone smoothly and I’m settling into the new place and work routine.
This studio is a dream come true and I'll post more photos of the space as it comes together. 
My set up in Andover at Crafts in the Park.  We were so fortunate that the rain held off all day.  Thank you to all who came out in support of this great event.
My wonderful neighbors and friends, Twigs & Heather, and their beautiful sterling silver creations.
In case you've never seen this, here’s what happens to tents that are not properly secured.   Those folks are so lucky that no one was hurt and that the huge tree behind them stopped the tent in its tracks. 
Next stop is StART on the Street in Worcester, MA on Sunday, May 22.   There are 140 plus exhibitors at this street fair which takes place on North Main Street, between Belmont Street and MLK Boulevard.  Hope to see you there!