Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Newton Open Market July 4th

With neighboring tents blowing up, up and away, (seriously people… you need to secure your tents!!), I was happy that my little canopy stayed put on the ground and no glass items or paintings went flying. Plus I was thrilled that for the first time in weeks, I could enjoy the day, talking, schmoozing and selling without participating in a wet t-shirt contest.
Albemarle Park in Newton was filled with families enjoying the nice weather, amusement rides, open air market and its 20th year of July 4th festivities. For reasons unbeknownst to me, instead of having artist/designer neighbors, I was sandwiched between two groups of Newton political campaigners. Since many people like to wander through an open market without being approached or bothered (myself included), I thought this was an odd addition to an open art market. And while the campaigners might have scared off a few potential visitors, I still had a fair share… but maybe next year, the event organizers will put the political groups in separate location, far, far away (hint, hint).
Off to the studio to make more goodies… oh wait, is that a ring I see? Why yes, it is a ring, with a gunmetal patina finish and some lovely rose quartz! made by yours truly. Every week, there’s something new!! So stay tuned…

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Nikatay said...

Hey Girl!!
I luv the new ring! It's fantastic!!