Monday, June 1, 2009

Cape Cod Life Magazine & Providence Open Market May 30th

On Saturday May 30th, I spent the day under a tent on the east side of Providence at the Open Market in Lippitt Park. It was an exciting day all around and I was so happy the weather was cooperating after a solid week of rain. p.s. I’d like to thank my talented and beautiful friend Ella of The Pebble Collection for her help in setting up my tent. In addition to meeting lots of great people including the Dills from NY and Andrea from Providence who shares my obsession with everything green, I also got to experience serendipity first hand when my dad who grew up around the corner from the market’s location (and hasn’t been back in the old hood in about 50 years) went to the local coffee shop and started a conversation with a random gal sitting outside the shop. As fate would have it, she just so happens to rent the very apartment in the house in which my dad grew up! And she offered him the opportunity to check it out and see his old house firsthand…and, of course, he did!
After that excitement and the joy of breaking down the tent, tables, boxes and then driving an hour to get home, nothing takes away the fatigue like seeing your name and artwork in color in a glossy magazine! So be sure to pick up the special 2009 arts edition of the Cape Cod Life Magazine, Art of the Cape & Islands 2009, a high-end, coffee table-style magazine created to showcase the talents of the Cape’s world-famous artistic community. The magazine will be featured nationwide at Barnes & Noble Bookstores and I’m honored to be a part of it.

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Bev Rivkind said...

Wonderful to see you get this recognition - excellent write-up/ great work.