Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mid(ish)-April Update...

Ok, first, I'd like to ask, "what happened to my kitchen?"  I love the height of my kitchen counters for doing finish work (cleaning, waxing, polishing, etc).  And sadly, it's sort of become the boxing/shipping area as well.  I seem to recall using the stove nightly not too long ago  but, unfortunately, my new finishing/shipping area has made cooking an impossibility... (but note how well the stovetop along with some foamcore accommodates the newly made items... um, ya, but that's not what it's for!!!) 
So based on my very scientific research, I've discovered that many artists use a kitchen as their "studio".  Case in point, I visited my mom a few days ago to talk art (blah, blah, blah) and there she was, working on a painting... in her kitchen! I think I'm onto something...
Moving from kitchens to galleries (hopefully), I stopped in last Friday night at the opening of the North River Arts Society's 'Focus on Figures' exhibit where two of my paintings were on display. I didn't stay for the festivities (wine) so I could hit the studio unimpaired, but based on Siobhan's Facebook photos, it's probably a good thing...
And then Sunday, after 2 days of rain with unpredictable weather on the way, I left Plymouth at 6am for my first outdoor show of the season, Art in the Garden at the Weston Nurseries in Hopkinton. 
I have to say, for the record, there's nothing like having wet feet (socks, sneakers and pant bottoms) all day.  Yes, it's my new favorite thing indeed... and throw in 40 degree weather and some wind and rain, and we've got a party! Hey, even though we didn't have a nice sunny day, at least I was surrounded by friends Trish from Idazz, Helene from Urban Kitchen, Andrea from Thomas Park Gifts and Christine from Little Man.  And though we may not have looked as glamorous as usual with all those bulky layers and very flattering hats, we made the best of the day.  And don't worry gals, I'm not posting any of the pics...
P.S. thank you to Buffy Cave for organizing the show. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Fling & Craftopia!

Another busy weekend juggling studio time, artwork drop offs and two shows.  Last Thursday from 7 to 10pm, I set up shop next to my friend Dina, Ducci Designs (below) at the Neighborhood Club in Quincy for a fundraising event for Friends of Foster Care. 
In addition to Dina, I had the pleasure of running into 2 other artsy pals, Louisa from Weehah! (who was also serendipitously my neighbor at Craftopia a few days later) and Amy from AG Ambroult
Three days later onto Pawtucket, RI for Craftopia where more than 65 vendors took over a beautifully renovated, old factory building and transformed the space into a lively, crafty extravaganza!  After being cooped up in the studio for 2 long days, it was fantastic to get out, interact with shoppers and get inspiration from some of my favorite creative friends.  I dragged out the camera to capture a few snapshots of the day but I missed getting photos of Jeff from Mean and Wroughten, Hilary of Hilary (who was just featured on Glamour.com by the way...) and Helene from Urban KitchenAlso, though I had ever intention of saying hello to Joanna from Joy in My Studio and seeing her beautiful silk paintings up close, I missed the opportunity... hopefully our paths will cross again... anyway, here are a few pics from the fabulous Craftopia show:
Trish and her lovely jewels from iDazz
Louisa's colorful, beautiful greeting cards and invitations from Weehah!

JoAnne from JoJo Clothing and her fabulous designs
Karissa of Karissa Chase Ceramics with her irresistible goodies
and last but not least (and I confess, I cannot take credit for this photo), the unstoppable silversmiths, Kerry and Heather of Twigs and Heather who probably would never speak to me again if I posted the pic I took of them...
Thought I'd add a pic of my lil table (I absolutely LOVED this building!!!)
Ooh one last thing, exciting news for several local designer friends including Ducci Designs, Urban Kitchen and Genevieve Boston who will be featured in Local Collection in the South Market Building at Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  I wish them lots of success in this new retail shop opening May 1st!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Show season has begun... and it's spring!

I've already gotten behind in keeping track of events (uh oh).  Hopefully this isn't an indicator of things to come.... so I'm armed with some coffee and before I head into the studio for a long day of making mermaid panels and such, I write and catch up.

Last weekend I started the season with an indoor show called SLAM (Saturday Local Artist Market) at The Burren, a pub in Davis Square, Somerville.  Friends Kerry and Heather from Twigs & Heather were there, as well as JoAnne from JoJo Designs.  A quick 4-hour event in a dimly lit, ambient space is definitely a good way to ease into the season.  I was tempted to grab a glass of wine given the setting and circumstances but I've made that mistake before.  And I learned... no vino at shows. 

Last night, my destination was the South End in Boston, and while parking, I ran into an old friend from my hometown who recently opened a gallery in the SoWa District (south of Washington Street).   Audra Rogers is the Director of Gallery Benoit at 450 Harrison Avenue , #63.  There are so many great things happening in that neighborhood including First Fridays,  a great opportunity to see a variety of art, visit artists and designers in their working studios and buy from them directly.
After checking out Audra's gallery, I ventured up two floors to studio #203 where I covered for Saya from Saya Studios who shares the space with Amy Casher (above left, me right), the talented lady behind Amy Casher Designs who makes gorgeous jewelry.  LOVE her style... and if you look really carefully, you can see my new earrings (I need to work on taking the "one arm" photos with my iphone... my sister has perfected the art but I have not).  I also had the pleasure of meeting Susan Krause, of Krause Art + Design, a watercolorist who had her  colorful handpainted silk scarves on display in the studio as well.  

Topping off the evening, two of my painter pals dropped by to say hello after visiting some other local galleries. Catalina Viejo Lopez de RodaPercy Fortini-Wright and I posed in front of Saya's bags (and the picture isn't blurry...) and then it was time to call it a day.  ok, now where's the vino??