Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wellesley Marketplace - Nov. 21st

On Saturday even though I was a last minute addition (hey, I'll take it!), I participated in the 33rd annual Wellesley Hills Junior Women's Club Marketplace and it was fabulous. Very organized and many enthusiastic volunteers from a great organization. Plus there were many fantastic, talented vendors including Cathy Cahill, Sew Cuties (um, prepare yourself for an explosion of cuteness!!). If you need a gift for a baby shower or toddler or just something for the kid in you, check out Cathy's world of creatures and drawings. Her work is so fun (and so is she)!
Oh! and for those of you on Facebook AND Etsy, I just discovered a new application that lets you set up a "My Etsy" tab on your facebook profile. Click here for more info. pretty sweet!

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