Monday, November 30, 2009

Harvard Square - Nov. 28 + 29

The Harvard Square Holiday Fair celebrated its 24th season and I was happy to be a part of it. Many of the vendors will continue on through the end of December in the same location on Church Street but I’ll be doing many other shows instead (the count is now officially 6 different shows!!) which I’m pretty sure will be lots of fun! Yay December! Ok, so there was an eclectic mix of vendors at the Harvard Square show including my neighbor Mary Risley, MR Jewelry. She brought her nature inspired and one of a kind, embossed sterling silver goodies all the way from Northampton to share with the Harvard Square crowd. And they loved it! It’s always nice meeting new, creative people but it’s especially nice to be situated next to someone at a show that’s genuinely sweet, engaging and fun to be around. I hope we'll be neighbors again soon! Lisa Kerr, Design Consultant (fabulous) was also present showing off Tuff Cookie’s playful, colorful hats for kids and ladies. My mom has a mild obsession with hats (oh, and other accessories) and it took about 30 seconds before she spotted Lisa’s table, selected a hat and completed a purchase. Anyway, the next 3 weeks will be INSANE. Between the full-time job, the evening studio hours, the online shop and the 6 shows in 3 weeks, I hope to keep my sh*t together. So far, so good and that's the plan… but I'll likely fall apart on December 20th which actually works out fine since I have a week off between Christmas and New Years.

p.s. thanks to Kenny, lead singer of Motherboar, (nominated 2 years in a row for Best Metal Band, Boston Music Awards - good luck on Wednesday!!), for keeping me company and helping with breakdown on Sunday :) You're the best!

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