Monday, November 29, 2010

hingham + holiday = hooray!

Although I was a wee bit cold, I had a fantastic weekend at the holiday shipyard show and became aware of a whole new development in Hingham that I didn't even know existed! Wow. The area is just full of potential for shopping, relaxing and dining.  Tons of free parking, beautiful water views and numerous restaurants including Alma Nove,  Hingham Beer Works and Typhoon Asian Bistro  to name a few. And for some cool design and artsy stuff, there’s BG Galleries, a humongous showroom of antique, vintage and modern design, and across the street, the newly opened satellite location for the South Shore Art Center.  Both were closed by the time I was done packing up for the weekend so I’ll have to make a trip over there soon to do some more exploring.
Ok, so back to the actual SHOW.  Thank you to everyone who came out in droves to attend and make purchases at this first time event, especially my local pals from the south shore.  It was great to see you all and I appreciate the support!  Once again I lucked out with neighbors.  I’ve seen Big Skinny the Cambridge-based creators of the world’s thinnest wallets at several shows but this was the first time I was next to them.  And my other talented neighbor Rachel of Malagueta traveled all the way from Philadelphia to bring her beautiful clothing and handbags to the Boston area.  I think she should come back to Boston often!  
Um, so I kinda splurged a bit and did some shopping of my own.....

Some fabulous frames from Mean & Wroughten (I can’t resist a pair of old red scissors with chipped paint welded to a frame.. I just can’t), a set of gorgeous pillows from Red Staggerwing Designs (hello yummy color combos and beautiful craftsmanship!) and lastly, a most awesome cabinet by John Warren Designs (as soon as I saw it, I stopped in my tracks and was like.. omg, I have to have that!).  But I had to stop myself there for the tent was brimming with so many amazing temptations… 
 Mean & Wroughten frame (without a photo)
Red Staggerwing pillows, my bed never looked so good.
Oh, and a final shout out to Cindy from Letter C Design for also making the trip to Hingham from Connecticut. The designs and paper goods from her studio are just awesome!

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Lisa said...

So glad you are enjoying the pillows! They look great! I never saw the cabinet people at all, and that is a beautiful piece as well. Always makes a show so much better to have you there. :)