Tuesday, September 22, 2009

stART on the Street in Worcester – Sept 20

On Sunday, I participated in stART on the Street in Worcester, an overwhelmingly organized event from beginning to end. There were several hundred vendors plus musicians and food kiosks and the plentiful volunteers made everything from arrival to departure seem like a breeze. And nothing brings people out to a show like clear blue skies and sunshine. Yay people!

This week’s “forgetfulness” award goes to none other than moi… ah yes, #1: I left all of my business cards at home (seriously, they serve no purpose sitting on the kitchen counter); #2: though I remembered to actually bring my camera this week, it was rendered useless since I forgot the battery back home..errrrr....; and lastly #3: the forgetfulness continued on site when I left the table covers in the car and had to retrace my steps up a mountainous path to the artist parking lot to retrieve them. Yup, I’m losin it folks! Fortunately, I made lots of new friends and had my lovely iphone to capture at least a few pics of the day.
I tried a different set up, the old inverted "L" which I'd say worked out quite well except it was a bit cramped, only leaving me a foot and a half of space behind the table. Overall, I think this set up was a success especially if I have more items to display but I need to work on it. So the pursuit of the ideal setup continues as well as the hunt for a clever way to display and simultaneously protect the more delicate glass items (hello!) from little hands... because as much as we love 'em, those little creatures touch EVERYTHING!!

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