Monday, August 24, 2009

Mashpee August 21st

Ok.. so I know I blathered on and on about the previous weekend's heat, but seriously, it was even more sticky/sweaty/gross on friday. If that's even possible. But I suppose being near the ocean helped because there was a slight breeze now and again. In fact, there were a few hearty gusts including a very special one that blew over my window display. Fortunately, I just happened to be standing right behind the display when it started to fall over. And with cat-like reflexes, I quickly responded by catching the display mid-fall, thus saving the day. The photo above captured a special moment... as in me celebrating and dancing with my blue-eyed crab. Yay... nothing broke!! Woohoo! In addition to that excitement, I had some friendly visitors including the Solomons AND the Smollers which made for an all around marvelous day!
I spent the weekend in my little studio making some new things including the newest earring style inspired by the music symbol called the Treble Clef, aka the G Clef since it looks like a fancy G (above) and completing some custom orders including a peace + love mezuzah and a business cardholder. See you next weekend in Hyannis...

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