Monday, July 27, 2009

Mashpee Market- July 24th and my new nephew, Ross - July 25th!

Even though I woke up to heavy rain and a dark, overcast sky, I trudged on, hoping that the weather forecast was, in fact, correct and that we’d actually have better conditions as the hours passed. And yes, fortunately, more mild weather was moving in by the time I arrived in Mashpee around 7:30am to start setting up for the Open Market . However, there were several times throughout the day that many of us had to grab our tents and pray nothing would blow up, up and away. It was drizzly and super windy at times and kind of a quiet most of the day so I had plenty of time to chat with my talented neighbor Kim Barry of Clay Trout Pottery. Her studio is located in Mattapoisett, MA and her pottery pieces are beautiful (the tiny 2" x 2" tiles are my favorite!!). You can easily purchase any number of items (and even personalize them) for yourself or as fabulous gifts. Check her out!All the while chatting with Kim, I was anxiously waiting to hear any news about my sister and the arrival of her new baby… would it be another girl or the family’s first boy? I left the show without an answer but early the next morning, I got the call. And guess what, it’s a BOY! And his name is Ross Samuel and he is wicked cute!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Auntie! He is adorable! Hope everything is going well for you! We should get together some time, I will be traveling back and forth to AZ until the end of the year on a project:( Bummer - but maybe when your shows slow down - you can come out for a weekend for a spa visit:) - Nikatay