Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy NEW Year.

new jewelry design inspired by Diana

It’s been a strange, emotional, powerful and wonderful year and I’ve learned a lot.  Mostly that I have so much to be thankful for.  And that I have the most amazing friends and family. I’m so very grateful for all the love, guidance and support.  

Moving my studio from Plymouth to Abington was the best decision I’ve made in a long time as I now have one large space to accommodate several different mediums (painting, stained glass and woodworking) and I’m in a building with other artists and small businesses.  And being around other like-minded folks and creating art in that old building, formerly a textile factory, with its exposed brick and wood beams fulfills a long-time desire of mine… and it just feels right.  
the studio space in May 2011
Since I moved there in May and the craft show season was just beginning, I had to hit the ground running and didn’t have time to really fix it up.  So until now, it's been bare bones and utilitarian.. which I’m beginning to think is a good thing.  Because I’ve found that living in a space for a while before you fill it up with all your shit actually allows you to “be” in the space and figure out what you really want to do there before it gets all cluttered up with crap.   So eight months later, I needed to make a decision.  To stay or not... and after taking some time to figure things out both personally and professionally, I'm staying put. And so this raw, open space will be transformed into a clean, fresh studio and showroom for the new year.  Here’s a little taste of what’s to come.. (and yes, that is a WHITE floor.  I know, what the f*ck am I thinking...)
I have some pretty lofty goals for next year and I'm ready to take on whatever challenges are ahead.  Thank you for reading this and supporting me and my artful journey.  Wishing you a peaceful, happy, healthy new year.
Buca - the super, wonder kitty
One final note… I had to say goodbye today to Buca, my devoted, gentle companion of seven years.  He was the best kitty.. so sweet, affectionate and loving.  And he will be missed.  xoxo


Sally Dean said...

Happy New Year- i love that space!
Im sorry about the kitty. ):

Nikatay said...

Happy New Year!! I am so sorry to hear about Bucca:( You must be so sad. - hang in there - 2012 should be a good year!