Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trade Show - Mock Set Up

Today's activities included creating a new window display from two old windows: frost the glass panes, hinge the windows together and lastly, paint the frames.  Fresh paint can really transform an item that's seen better days, and since I had the paint on hand and was already a mess, I threw a fresh coat of paint on a few other display items too.  Then onto some other tedious items like waxing and polishing some stained glass goods. Frankly, not my favorite thing in the world except that I know it's the last step and then the item is good to go after that.
The last few hours I spent finalizing my set up for next weekend's Boston Gift Show.  Though I'd like to think my "new" set up is radically different than what I've done in the past, it's not.  It looks exactly like my old set up, with a fresh coat of paint and new lighting :)
Anyway, I'm using an 8' table which will be front and center (applying the 2' rule - everything will be visible and accessible) and instead of arriving on site and playing it by ear like I normally do, I decided to scrap that plan and map it all out today... will make set up easier and I can use today's photos as a reference.
Aside from a huge empty space on the left side of the table that I didn't account for and haven't resolved yet (can you say enormous candy bowl??), the only snag I ran into was with the new clamp lights I purchased yesterday... thank you Target!  They're kind of heavy duty which is great but I don't think they were designed to clamp onto a thin piece of glass shelving.  So as with most design problems, I used something I already have just hanging around to "fix" the enormous gap... and voila, a small gift box does the trick! 

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