Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boston Gift Show 2010

I had a fantastic 4 days at the Boston Gift Show, met with some wonderful people and as a result, there are many exciting things ahead for Dasken Designs!! It was icing on the cake to see one of my candleholders on the show directory cover. Sweet!!

I was in the "handcrafted" aisle.  And I'm pretty sure that I handcraft my items but I'm not so sure that other people actually understand what that term means.  And I won't continue my rant on this topic,  I'll just say, "Buy Handmade, Support Local Artists".



Wow!!! Congratulations on such a successful show... that is really exciting!! Thanks for sharing on your blog. I very much look forward to seeing your lovely work in person and of course meeting you at Craftopia :)

AG Ambroult said...

oh I could say a few things about "handmade" at some shows...
I've been considering this show for a while but have heard some negative things about it. I'd love to pick your brain. Sounds like it was a good show for you!