Monday, April 11, 2011

April News...

It's been a busy month gearing up for the craft show season, filling store orders and trying to squeeze in some time to paint.  The juggling act continues not so flawlessly but it helps to know that there are exciting things on the horizon.  First, a recap of the weekend:
UFORGE Gallery on Centre Street in Jamaica Plan.  The opening reception was so packed, there was a line to get in. Good times.
(that's my "Mermaid Girl" painting above, part of the Art Deco exhibit)
CRAFTOPIA: Another great show at the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, RI.   The turnout was fantastic and while I was surrounded by many talented artists and designers, here are just a few I haven’t mentioned before/recently (for the full list of talent, click here):

Some Exciting News.  For those who can’t make it to a show or aren’t close to one of the shops carrying my work,  I’ve added an online shop to my website that features a small selection of items including seasonal, one of a kind goods and the stuff I make all year round.   And it’ll be a whole lot easier to do and create all of this... IN MY NEW STUDIO! 
I’m so freaking excited (!!!!!)…  details to come but here’s a small taste.


Joanna Read Cotter of Joy in my studio said...

Look at that light in your studio!! Congrats on the new space, and on your shows - Mermaid Girl is fabo! Glad to hear you had successful day on Sunday :)

Louisa said...

Oh, it is all just TOO exciting! I cannot wait to see how you transform that incredible studio space.