Thursday, August 12, 2010

Scituate in August

While getting up at 4:30am stinks (especially if you go to bed at 1:00am), scenes like this make it worthwhile.  This was the view as I walked out my front door and stumbled onto my porch - it literally took my breath away... I immediately grabbed my camera to capture the moment before it disappeared.
And as I approached Scituate harbor, the scenery was so beautiful I was compelled to stop and take it all in.  Simply stunning!
Surrounded by a few familiar faces (Trish from Idazz and Kathleen from KEM Designs), I set up shop on Front Street in Scituate directly across from Dunkin Donuts.  Hello! Honestly, that is by far the BEST spot a girl could ask for... coffee and a bathroom within 10 feet.  Seriously. Awesome.
I was fortunate to have papa on hand both Saturday & Sunday.  He's the best!
And after packing up for the day on Saturday, I ventured a few blocks to a new restaurant called Oro.  A relaxing, calming atmosphere (with amazing light fixtures and neato sink in the restroom...), the service was fantastic and everyone enjoyed their meals... I went for the beet salad which was yum and quite fancy!)
Rounding out this exciting weekend, I was thrilled to celebrate getting another year older with two of my favorite people in the whole world!! They are super helpers - thanks Eva & Ruthie!

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Stacy said...

Very nice pictures! :)