Monday, July 5, 2010

Cohasset, Barnstable, Newport.. Oh My!

I'm FINALLY taking a deep breath and catching up on all sorts of exciting things like laundry, paperwork, sleep and dusting. And what an awesome time to do so... 90 degree weather with no a/c is perfect!
So the last few weeks have been a blur, but I'm pretty sure that I did a 3-day show in Cohasset, MA, then trucked on down to Barnstable, MA for 2 days and lastly spent a beautiful day in Newport, RI on July 3rd.  The excitement ranged from lighting striking the utility pole behind my tent in Cohasset to wonderful surprise visits from fellow artists Mary of Mary Draper Murray Jewelry in Barnstable and Joanna from Joy in My Studio in Newport!  Thanks to everyone who attended as well as made purchases at any of these shows. 
I know I took my camera to Cohasset and Barnstable but the pics are eluding me at the moment so here are some pics from Indie Art by the Sea in Newport, RI:
Dasken Designs - my white tent with the beach-inspired, beige tablecloth
explosion of cuteness.. seriously!!
Nancy's art photography (and husband's paintings)
Trish from iDazz
Andrea from Thomas Park Gifts
one of my neighbors - Doug Hockman Photography
love his set up!
my other neighbor - Emily from E.Scott Originals
Look for her shop opening in August - 199b Highland Ave in Somerville!
Helene from My Urban Kitchen
always smells so yum!
Bowchies - cute stuff for your pups!
Beth from Wilton Artisans
cool doorbells - Mike's Originals
gorgeous view from Fort Adams... as I was driving away

Next up.. July 17th - see you in Somerville at ArtBeat!


helene said...

Great to see you- your booth looks fantastic. You do such beautiful work!

AG Ambroult said...

Good for you, Liza! I can't believe how many shows you manage to fit do you find the time to actually make the product? I might have to pick your brain about some onf those shows, (still mad at the Newport show for not accepting me, though)

Dasken Designs said...

Amy... in case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm lacking sleep.. AND a social life!