Monday, May 17, 2010

Twist + SoWa Artwalk

In the past 2 weeks, I visited Northampton for Twist IV (above) and stayed closer to home this past Saturday for the ever fabulous  SOWA Artwalk. I had a great time in Northampton and hope to head back to that area again soon. My immediate neighbors at Twist IV were Scott from Bunny Butt Apothecary

and Sarah from Ansel Blue Design Studio (Sarah is sadly missing from the photo...)

They were fantastic company and I didn’t even notice that I was next to a speaker (AGAIN!). Though this time, the music was just right… ambient and pleasant.  Thanks Lexie!

The past few years I’ve participated in a group art space for the Sowa Artwalk but this year, it was a little different and the group space was eliminated (boo hoo). Each year we moved locations from one vacant building to the another but I guess the vacant property is scarce these days and that’s good news for the property owners/developers and the area in general.. but sad news for many artists as the area becomes more developed and the real estate prices increase.  Affordable space is much harder to find (yikes). BUT, now there’s a fabulous contemporary art destination in Boston's South End with lots of galleries and studios all clustered in one neighborhood called SoWa (stands for South of Washington).

I was a guest artist at 59 Wareham Street (above), home to 4 floors of working artists including Shoshana Ernst (painter) and Jenn of Jenn Sherr Designs who invited me to share their studio space on May 15th. Thank you ladies! We had lots of fun discussing art and making signs for the event, and it was a toss up whether my favorite part of the day was hanging the wet signs in the wind OR convincing Jenn that we should use the freight elevator (she’d been warned NOT to take it… ah, so what if we get trapped??). Turns out the freight elevator works like a charm and definitely made transporting my stuff to the 3rd floor MUCH easier!

super windy on Wareham Street!  That sign was going wild!!

I think our colorful (awful) sign with blue tape was effective... right?  Definitely attention grabbing!
Anyway, I ended the day on the Red Fez patio with good friends Jaime + Ken and a lovely glass of vino. Perfect ending to a great day of art. Then up early the next morning for a full day in the studio, working on orders to ship off to stores…