Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Drummer Boy Park in Brewster - Oct 9-11

Time to bundle up with a warm scarf and some hot cocoa!!
Even though it's a tad chilly, I participated in one of my last outdoor shows of the season... a 3-day show with 20 vendors in Brewster, MA this past weekend. The Cape is lovely this time of year but the weather was rainy/windy on Friday so I left a smidge early. Then Saturday was supposed to clear up but never really did. AND as the day progressed, it got super windy! We're talking 15-19 mile an hour winds! Not the greatest tent/display weather! So by the time I left on Saturday evening and buttoned up my tent for the night (yes, we leave the tents up overnight), I drove away hoping my tent would be there upon returning. Below is the scene at around 6pm on Saturday when I was leaving... biting my fingernails with worry... And fortunately, when I returned the next morning all was well, but I did notice that a few of the other tents looked like they had a really rough night. The photo below was from my drive home on Saturday night... (yes, I took the photo while driving.. oops... not nearly as bad as texting while driving, right?)On Columbus day, I played catch up in the studio. The christmas ornaments have been a hit thus far so I prepped, cut, foiled and soldered til my lil hands couldn't take it...

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